What do you do when you lose many seats in elections that you expected to win? You do some rethink and evalaute your poll strategies,right? Wrong,….., wrong,that is if you are a Mayawati.

If you are the Behenji of the Dalits, their only source of hope and succor, then you go on a virtual rampage…….after all protection of the rights of the downtrodden is no small matter.

In the first few hours after the less than happy poll result you sulk and blame the Muslims first.Even though you do couch your words in a little bit of nicety by saying,’hamare Muslim bhaiyon ne haamara saath nahin diya’ but you still sound as if you would love nothing better than to wring the collective Muslim neck.

Then you in one sweep transfer/move/fire the PSU heads, who were your party cronies and had been awarded these posts as political rewards………(Mughal khatam ho gaye,angrez chaley gaye but hamari baksheesh aur jagirdaari ki riwayat abhi kayam hai.)

Then next you scowl on TV and try and put on a brave face (even if it comes across as more angry than brave) and read out numbers to show how actually your vote share has increased even if you did not win too many seats. You try and not talk about the ‘discovering India Rahul Baba’ because as it turned out he seems to have actually been rewarded by U.P folks for his efforts to reconnect with them.Guess the Dalits in whose homes he ate/slept found more empathy in him than in your pink silks and blings that were supposed to light the aspirational fire in them.

As the days pass by and the UPA in Delhi does not really do an excited somersault at your offer of ‘unconditional’ support you look inwards again and find newer people to blame.This time you pick upon IAS officers(District Magistrates and a Comissioner too) to blame.You transfer 13 of them at one go, mostly from constituencies where your party lost seats. What else is this intelligent, creamy layer of the babudom for if not to campaign for you,arm twist locals (voters and donors) on your behalf and ensure your victory…..?

Does all this upset me? Not at all. I am actually looking forward to Maya Madam digging a bit more of a garve for the ultimate demise of BSP in the next assembly elections. I no longer live in dread of having her as our blingy,shiny Prime Minister. I do not have to cringe at her parochial and almost inane commentary on foreign affairs (that is when she talks of anything other than her famous engineering skills). The Brahmins are already drifting away towards the Congress and the BJP, the Muslims are also looking at other options, the people she is axeing indiscriminately are going to be another future resentment pool and the Dalits too will ultimately see through her statue building ways…..

Yes, her rise to power was dramatic and yes she could have been a constructive role model for the less empowered. But that could only have happened had she chosen to do something other than award posts and threaten and transfer those who did not seem to be working 100% to ensure her win.

Yes, she could have given India her Obamaesque moment but it was not to be….she rode to power on the vote of the dispossessed and then herself became possessed of the ‘junoon’ to amass wealth, property, jewellery, build memorial parks with aethetically disturbing statues…….she could have been( and may still be if she changes her game plan) the Dalit Queen  and the first Dalit PM but right now she is looking more like a tantrumy matron than a mature politician.

P.S: I fear that next the Madam might wreak vengeance on the hapless Dalits who let Rahul Baba eat and sleep under their roofs.Its all their fault for supping with the Delhi bloke who is still discovering India at the age of 39. After all she is the one who is supposed to do social engineering by getting the Brahmins and the Dalits to meet in common forums (where they still eat seperately, I am told). How dare these mere Dalits (her vote banks) do engineering on their own. Hrrmpf ,Grrrr


1)Karunaanidhi “Fasting” !!


karuna fasting
karuna fasting

First time in world history fasting of only 4 hours and that too with an AC,…….
Fasting starts after breakfast and ends before lunch.   ! ! ! ! !( Those two beauties on either end of his bed are his two ‘devoted’ wives…..and I thought polygamy was illegal in India for Hindus)

2) Strange Bedfellows
The man who was the Chief Minister of U.P at the time the Babri Masjid was demolished by a mob of  “Ram Sevaks’ is now the NBF (new best friend) of the self -appointed friend and champion of U.P muslims !!! This election ( like those before) has been full of unbelievable claims and counter claims, marriages of convenience and pure deals of mutual advantage to the politicos (and of utter disadvantage to the country and the electorate) but even in this atmosphere, Mulayam’s claim of Kalyan helping him to woo the Muslim voters is hard to digest. How the wily Indian voter will vote will be known on the 16th but until then we will have to swallow Mulayam’s line that yesterday’s communalist is today’s selfless secularist………I wonder what is happening to yesterday’s secularist……..LOL
3) Maa ka ladla
This maa ka laadla, Pappu Yadav, has been barred from contesting elections because he has murder charges against him…..but no worries.Bharat mein to ‘phamily’ hi sab kuch hoti hai na……so his ‘mommy dearest’ is contesting instead…….seat maa ki hogi but peeche power Pappu Bhaiyya ki…………woh pehle Laloo yadav also did the same na……….seat mein Rabri Devi and seat ke peeche Laloo Bhai…….so iska precedent hai.
If this is not bizarre enough then take this……..according to the papers filed for the elections,Pappu’s mommy is only 7 years older to him……ROFL………These are the ‘netas’of Hindustan who are setting examples of everything, from lying,falsifying,corruption,cheating to using family members as front for carrying on their netagiri.
Yeh neeche picture mummy ji ki hai.
AGE NO BAR: Shanti Priya, an Independent contesting from the Purnea parliamentary seat, is just 49 years old……just seven years older than the son,Pappu.

AGE NO BAR: Shanti Priya, an  Independent contesting from the Purnea parliamentary seat, is just 49 years old.

Mummy ho to aisi.