The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh goes under the knife ( only the surgeon’s) early tomorrow and my best wishes and prayers are with him and his family.May he come through this health glitch without a hitch and be back at his ‘hot seat’ as soon as possible.

He is the man in charge (Sorry Sonia Madam! Allow me to give him this credit this one time atleast ). He is the nation’s Prime Minister and it is a nation of over a billion people.His is a powerful position and his health is of importance for all of us,especially in this post 26/11 scenario. I doubt if anyone is unaware that our soft-spoken,fuzzy bearded,blue turbaned Chief is already in AIIMS in New Delhi in order to get a bypass surgery done. The media has made sure that we all know about this development and I understand the need to do this. BUT……….. now from early tomorrow morning prepare for the overkill and brace yourself for the massive circus that will take place outside the AIIMS hospital and its repetitive media feed to us for hours and hours.Enthusiastic reporters must be licking their chops in anticipation of this story and must already be setting their alarm clocks as I write this, so they can be up early to take their bleary eyed positions outside the hospital.

 My sympathies are with all those hapless, ordinary patients and their caretakers who will arrive from towns far and near to get good quality,affordable treatment at AIIMS only to find themselves in the midst of a media twister. Some might get pushed around and out of the way as the army of reporters well armed with its microphones and cameras jostles to catch any ‘medical’ person they can to get UPDATES on the venerable Sardraji’s condition.Hey, it’s all in the interest of our ‘national security’.If they can catch a family member of the PM that would be an added bonus.

It doesn’t matter if they themselves get a ‘coronary’ in the process as long as they get the latest on how far the operation has progressed.Is The PM still conscious? Has the anasthesia got him ? How far has the surgeon’s scalpel travelled? What did sardar ji did or did not eat before the operation? How is his wife feeling? How is his daughter feeling? How ís his dog (if he has one) feeling? How is the surgeon feeling? How is the ward boy feeling? How are the nurses coping? Heck,even how is the sweeper feeling?

The scramble to pounce on anyone who is emerging from the ward (whether connected or not to thePM’s office) will be serious and can and will turn ugly. The pulse rate,the first words the first meal( defintely not sarson ka saag and makki ki roti) and maybe the first …………also will be reported to us.

It is ‘fame’ time for all doctors of any repute.They will be summoned by various channels to explain coronary disease and the Bypass surgery to us.While the good channles will get Dr.Naresh Trehan ( ex Escorts,present Apollo cardiac surgeon) the others will have to make do with the lesser known ones.

Across the border the militants must be having a coronary episode of their own in their excitement at PM being incapacitated temporarily(they can add it to their publicity and jihad recruiting pamphlets that they gave the sardar ji this coronary episode ). Given that Pranab Mukherjee would be standing in for the PM must be an added bonus for them.The bhadralok from Bengal has been tickling their funny bones with all his “posturing and threats’ to Pakistan and now there is bound to be more fun to look forward to.

 With the PM groggy with general anesthesia and Pranab Da holding the reins of the foriegn ministry,the finance ministry, and his dhoti things are going to be really strange around the power corridors of New Delhi.Outside the AIIMS it will be a virtual mayhem.

School bachchas will have lot of fun cutting and pasting and making Get Well cards for the PM. The older ones might be roped in for a candle light vigil for the PM’s health and long life.The sarkari karamcharis could maybe take a day off to go to various temples/churches/gurudwaras and mosques to pray for the PM.The traffic signal wala paper seller will have a bonanza screaming ‘Pradhan mantri hue be-hosh’ and selling extra copies with that misleading line.