I am working overtime to keep up with the peccadilloes of the netas of Bharat Mahan. I had barely had time to cover the straight relationships of this class when a blogger friend  told me that Laloo and Ram Vilas Paswan had just come out of the closet and were spotted holding hands publicly. Needless to say that Madam senior is miffed. Sonia ji had never doubted Laloo’s orientation (or maybe Laloo swings both ways).
And if the picture below is anything to go by these two are doing more than just holding hands. Ah, the first flush of a new love.Sigh!!
The CPI, CPM marriage though has just been saved by some serious relationship counseling(read: spousal abuse). The CPI has agreed to not wrestle the alliance to death over which candidate to field from the Ponani seat in Kerala. Many accusations flew back and forth and ultimately CPM’s less than subtle threat to ditch the wife (CPI) and go it alone,got the compromise hammered out. Bahut bartan khadka between Bengal and Kerala.
“Marry in haste repent at leisure” is a saying that is beginning to haunt Mulayam Singh Yadav. For reasons best known to him (love has no logic) he embraced Kalyan Singh even before the ink on Kalyan-BJP divorce deed had dried. Now caught between his old lovers (the Muslims) and his new love, he is beginning to rue his decision.Kalyan has done all the right things: looked suitably bridal, apologized to the former wives but this is one shaadi that seems destined to bring Mulayam a lot of pain going ahead.

The Muslim leaders are also in a bit of tizzy as Mulayam’s betrayal of their love has forced them to look for new partners.Some have ofcourse been courted by Mayawati’s BSP but some are still on the political version of shaadi.com.So basically it has not yet been the triple whammy of ‘Talaq,Talaq,Talaq’ yet.

Pss,psst……breaking news…..The much miffed and sulking Arun Jaitely has reportedly gone to meet the hulking Rajnath Singh to iron out thier near irreconciliable differences.The news is still trickling out but it seems Arun’s main demand remains…….end the torrid affair with the man with a dubious  past…..Sudhanshu Mittal. Rajnath Singh it seems will ahve to choose between his old and the new loves.Tough one,I must say.

Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley

BJP president Rajnath Singh while talking with Arun Jaitley in Delhi. (AFP)

This last one is a bit tricky one to report on……..its the case of an octagenarian politicians being given support by a Brhamcharini…….I think there is nothing but platonic love here so don’t lick your lips in anticipation(gosh what kind of imaginations do you all have?). The lady herself is using scary words like fulfilling ‘her Rashtra Dharma’ to explain her change of heart.

Uma Bharati finding herself in a political doldrum and facing a resource crunch ahead of the elections has decided to support L.K Advani in these elections. She is not merging her party with the BJP (just yet) but the first overtures are in place…………ho sakta hai rishta ban hi jaye. After all if the picture above is anything to go by they were ‘together’ once before too. 

Wink, wink,nudge ,nudge.  Karat has also (hesitantly and shyly) said this morning that his party might bed again with the Congress.Apparently,although the parting of ways had been very public and very bruising,….the quality of the earlier dalliance was so (s)exciting that they might jump right back together for some more of the ‘S ‘word………secularism bhai. (seriously all you people need to stop having such a one track mind)

Madam ji can now seek to lessen the pain of Laloo’s betrayal in the more urbane (though less funny) arms( uff, Comrade -in -arms, bhai log)  of the CPM man.

P.S: I am calling it a day now.Chapter closed on these less than kosher deeds of our leaders but nothing is cast in stone………..politics they say is the art of making the impossible, possible. So…………who knows when I might need to do a Shobha De again.