Those of you who are from Chennai would probably recognise the girl in the picture below. Those who do not, need to take a look and read the post below.You are looking at the Asian U-14 chess champion.She earlier became the national champion in the U-13 category in 2008.Meet J.Saranya



Photo source: Internet

This extremely serene 14 year old is seen in the pic sitting outside a temple selling plastic and clay items with her mother. Her family was abandoned by her father about 5 years ago and nothing is known about his whereabouts.Saranya,her sister and mother eke out a meagre existence from setting up this pavement stall.

There is nothing new about poverty in our country but what caught my eye was that on the day this picture and story was published in the paper there was also a picture on top right corner of the same page of a cricketer stuffing Yuvraj’Singh’s mouth with sweets.There was something about the stark contrast between the visage of the over valued,over cheered,over paid and over the top attitude -wala Indian cricketer and the absolute serenity and dignity of the almost uncelebrated chess champ

Life has thrown no privileges her way but she seems unruffled by the inequities of the world.She goes to school,plays chess and helps her mom the rest of the time.Some local good samaritans have been helping the family but its a crying shame that in a nation where the media gloatingly reports that Dhoni made 10 million dollars last year,it is left to Saranya’s school mates to arrange for the cost of her playing trips to other cities and overseas.

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