I haven’t photographically tracked the progress of the garden in the last few weeks but when I did this morning it was a total joy to see the profusion of the blooms.Have a look and have a good day and an even better weekend.
1) The carnations are now coming into bloom and I look forward to capturing on camera more such beauties in the coming days


2) This year I planted cherry colored nasturtiums giving the usual orange ones a pass.The results have been spectacular.

3) The snap dragons are really going great and have filled up this long bed at the front of the house.




Went out this morning (honest to God that was my only intent) to have my morning cup of tea……but then had a look at the flowers and went trigger happy. So,here is this morning’s ‘flowery’ update. As I said, let me know
when to stop.

This one is entirely self -sown, from last years seeds that have somehow survived the summer intact in the soil, and  now gives a spectacular show each morning.

It has slowly woven its way up into the bougainvilla and makes for what I call the ‘Kanjeevaram saree combo’

This one seems lit from within.Just love that glow.

Fixing that trellis was a good idea afterall. Now the bougainvilla stoops to conquer and the Morning Glory rises upwards in its glory.

Caught this Hibiscus before it could fold up after a day’s work. Pooja anyone?

The humble pumpkin flower is also not a wimp in the looks stakes.