Any trip to Mysore and its vicinity cannot be without developing a relationship with the mighty Kaveri,revered in the south on par with the Ganga maiyya of the northern India. For us who started the whole trip by landing at the Royal Orchid hotel situated inside the Brindavan gardens right behind the mighty wall of Krishnasagar Dam it was to be a total love affair with the sacred river.I post a photo blog of Kaveri in its various moods and of the lands that it nourishes with its bountiful waters (even now,inspite of the obstructions in its way via dams and the resultant TN/Karnataka water disputes).

The hotel Royal Orchid that provides awesome views of the Brindavan gardens.


This picture is taken from our hotel balcony.You can see the Brindavan gardens nestled at the foot of the mighty wall that holds back the restless (to flow on) Kaveri.

The water that the wall holds back.It being the monsoon season the dam was nearly full and seeing all that water it is hard to understand the wrangling between Tamilnadu and Karnataka over Kaveri water.

The water makes gentle lapping sounds on the side shown in the picture above but on the other side its is a different story.The mighty roar of the water is unbelievable and you can get an idea from this video:
We had climbed up from the hotel precincts on to the dam.Once up and busy taking pictures we were intrigued by the lack of tourists on the wall.The last time (1997) we were here it was a virtual mela on top.Then a friendly young man whizzing by on his motorbike stopped suddenly and told us to go down back to the hotel immediately as it was forbidden by security agencies to be on the dam.He and the few others who travel on it have special photo IDs that allows them to be there and that too only because their villages are in such a place that they need to use this road atop the dam to get to town and back.He also informed us that the whole area is monitored by CCTVs.Apparently about 8-10 years ago the late LTTE chief (Prabhakaran) had issued a threat against the dam and thereafter the public is not allowed. Hmm, needless to say we beat a hasty retreat and hoped like mad that no one would come looking for us after catching us on camera footage.Fingers crossed still.

The water then flows on and behind the wall to the left was the dining room of the hotel.We could see the water rushing past with an unbeliveble roar as we sat at our table.In fact the roar is a constant companion if you are staying in this hotel.It used to be the guest palace of the Maharaja of Mysore.
A view of the dam from the other side.

A shrine to the river .Sree Kaveri seems to be guarding the dam.The stairs on the two sides lead up to the top of the dam.In the evening a priest is at hand to help those who want to perform pooja here.

A statue of Sree Kaveri getting sprayed with the waters of Kaveri, inside Brindavan Gardens.

The waters nurture man and animal alike. Paddy sowing in full swing.

The Ranganathitu bird sanctuary is on the banks of the river Kaveri and because of  the many islets provides many species of migratory birds with ideal breeding grounds. It is a world within a world where the silence is broken only by the flap of birds’ wings and their calls.

Life on the banks of the river.
The intriguing round boats that are used to cross the river.I missed my ride due to lack of time.
Devotees visiting the Nimishambha temple throng to the river for a quick blessing of the sacred waters.
Another temple along the river.Notice the small idols including a ‘shivalinga’ on the rock and in the river waters.

I have posted the pictures of the river from a very small portion of its journey from source to mouth.How much more mesmerising it must be in many places along its journey,I can only wonder about.