The plane landed at Queen Alia International airport and I got my first glimpse of Jordan. At first glance it looked not too different from Bahrain except that it was a lot greener. We quickly got through the immigration formalities and were met by a young man, Ahmed, (from the travel agency) at the baggage carousel. He apologised for being late and not being there to assist with immigration facilities. Since we had sailed through the formalities we ‘forgave’ easily! He led us out of the airport and we were met with a blast of cold air.Although it is spring time for Jordan, some days can be excessivley cold and blustery. We were glad that A L (Abid) our chauffer and guide for the trip arrived within minutes with the car.

 As the car moves towards Amman city the word  ‘Biblcal’ comes to my mind.There is something about the hills outside the window that makes me thing of all those stories from the Bible that we  read in the catholic school I went to. I had not had the time to research much on Jordan,except the weather and the hotels, before I left for my holiday but the coming days would reveal why the word Bibilcal came to my mind on seeing the bare hills and the olive groves on the outskirts of the city.

The hotel was alright, not the 4 Star that the travel agent said it was and we went walking soon afterwards to have a look at the neighbourhood.We were in the area of Shamsesani of Amman and the uphill,downhill terrain ensured that we did not go too far and settled for eating in an unpretentious local eatery that went by the name Aqel Resturant. We were unsure of the fare we would get but once the Arabic mezza (starters) arrived all doubts were dispelled as we tucked into absolutely the best Hommous we have ever had along with mutabal,cucumber and mint ‘raita’ with other assorted stuff. Then it was back to the hotel and we tucked in for an early night because our real travels were to start the next day.