I knew it was too good to be true………..all this media drivel about a huge mandate and  ‘neeli pagdi waale ‘sardar ji having a free hand now in building his government and enforcing his policies………… The Left was junked, no doubt, but in our land we do not have a shortage of those who can play the spoiler.

What has happened after the polls makes the pre-poll dramatics of various UPA and NDA allies look like child’s play……

Those who celebrated DMK’s substantial win in TN can now sit and watch the cunning master at work. His wish list of how many cabinet/ministerial berths he wants for DMK is a virtual roll call of his entire(squabbling) family and clan

He wants a tainted guy like A.Raja and a non-performer T.R.Baalu in. the cabinet…..Baalu’s (non) performance on infrastructure issues last time, he was given that ministry, is legendary and MMS is insisting on having clean and capable people inducted into key ministries…….The Muthuvel Karunanidhi clan falls short on both counts. 

But never mind…….corruption and criminal charges have never been an impediment to a political career in the land of the Ganga and the Cauvery……….and what is wrong with Karuna (sunglasses and all) insisting that all key (read money making) portfolios be given to members of his extended family and friends? He is just being a responsible ‘Karta’ of a undivided (hee hee) Hindu family….he is the patriarch and if he wants one crony to have the chance of getting paid huge sums of money, by telecom bizkings for grant of desired licenses, then he is just fulfilling his responsibilties and duties as a patriarch.The ‘karta’ (as defined in Hindu Law) is supposed to look out after the financial safety and prosperity of the family,na.

And what is wrong in Baalu getting another chance at making money off infrastructural contracts? Last time around ,maybe ( he was inexperienced,na), he asked for too high a cut and the contractors baulked and the national highway development came to a halt.He has learnt from his mistakes and will ask for (I am guessing) reasonable amounts and thus our country will get connected by a highway grid at a super fast speed.Fair deal, na? 

Then there is the other issue of a cabinet berth for his son Azhagiri, daughter Kanimozhi, nephew Dayanidhi Maran……what is wrong with Daddy dearest wanting all kids on same level of privilege? There will be less fights if they all have their own ministries to milk, na?

My sources tell me that Sonia ji is keen to indulge Muthuvelu Karuna but sardar ji and some close to him are not budging….I wonder why……..

Or maybe Karuna’s role as ‘karta’ of the Hindu undivided family is not cutting mustard with sardar ji because he figured out that Karuna is not a Hindu in the first place…….. The prime ministerial snoops went to work and dug up these facts:

1) Karuna is a self-proclaimed athiest
2) He can not be a Hindu because he insulted Lord Ram in most derisive and derogatory terms over the Ram-sethu project.
3) He has married three times and we all know that Hindu men are not allowed to marry more than once unless they divorce the first wife……….two of these wives can be seen sitting dutifully on either end of his bed when he went on that world’s shortest fast (between breakfast and lunch)

karuna fasting

Armed with this proof MMS has not (yet) caved in to all of Karuna’s demands. A miffed Karuna was last seen being wheeled out at breakneck speed in a rickety wheelchair from the New Delhi portals of power towards the Delhi airport. (He keeps his motorised spiffy wheelchair and hydarulic van for use on Chennai’s ‘ultra smooth’ roads).

Keep a watch on this space for more political shenangians……….I heard that Farooq Abdullah has also made a fast journey towards the Delhi airport. He has the more pressing issue of watching the remianing IPL matches in South Africa,na.