The little black dress (LBD) might be the rage with the Page 3 community and might be gaining popularity amongst those who follow the trends of Page 3 people, the magazines showing us designer homes might be stressing on a minimalist approach to design and encouraging monochromatic hues but outside of the privileged India ( in Bharat) it is a color fest 365 days a year. Have a look at these (random) pictures clicked during this summer in Delhi ,NCR and Garh Mukteshwar. Color rules (and thank God for that).

1)  Decorative ware at Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar market. 

2) Ethnic bags

3) Seasonal fruit at the Sarojini Nagar market

4) A puppet seller’s wares at Sarojini Nagar market.

5) The Toll Gate at Gurgaon,NCR (National Capital region).

Garh Mukteshwar

1)  Traditional toys at a street market in Garh Mukteshwar.


2) Vishnu reclines.This is not the entrance to a temple but to an eating joint !!!

3) All that a worshipper of Ganga maiyya needs for the rituals.

4) More toys

5) Road side divinity

6) Luxury coach ferrying the many devotees.

7) Advertising the local cuisine