By now everyone would have heard about the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket players in Lahore,Pakistan.The team bus came under attack from militants as they arrived for Day 3 for the second test match against Pakistan.The details are just coming in and the numbers of injured players varies from 3 to 8(depending on which channel you listen to).The TV images bear an uncanny similarity to the attack carried out in 2001 on the Parliament in India and in Mumbai in 2008.Backpack carrying men with guns in hands just converged on to the scene and fired.5 policemen have been reported killed.

Lanka cricketers wounded in Lahore attack

That this has happened in Pakistan,a cricket crazy country, is not surprising.The Taliban type forces that are hell beant to creating chaos in the entire country ,with possibly the final aim of taking control of this nuclear armed country, have been working to a clear cut plan. They want to spread as much terror as possible using the simple method of these back pack carrying foot soldiers.For this they need to not just create actual mayhem but spread as much fear as possible.What better way to isolate Pakistan further and create fear then to attack cricketeers in a cricket loving nation? Now which country will ever think of sending their players to the country? In one simple- to- mount attack the terrorists have achieved their goal.

It would be pertinent in this scenario to ask our English speaking,bleeding- heart, liberal media, about the wisdom of their gospel that India should do all it takes to maintain contacts with Pakistani people and civil society via cultural exchanges and especially through cricket. When in the wake of the Mumbai attacks of November 2008 the Indian governement had said that the Indian players would not be sent to Pakistan for a series,this section of media in every chat show and cricket program had questioned that decision and rued the fact that we as a nation were bowing to terrorists by failing to send our players across.

What do they have to say in their own defense now? If the Sri Lankan team ( that has no political or military conflict with Pakistan) could be so audaciously attacked imagine what could have happened to the Indian players. At that point the Pakistan government was in full denial mode about Pakistanis having carried out the Mumbai attacks and the tension between the two countries was very high and very palpable. It is time that this section of media and media persons and the so called intellectuals of the nation stop confusing between the Pakistani state, the Pakistani “non-state players”, and the civil society.

When India refused to play there it was not meant to imply that we expected ordinary Pakistanis, members of the civil society, to come out toting guns to kill our players.On the contrary these people, most probably, would have welcomed the Indians with traditional hospitality………. but when was the last time that the civil society in Pakistan has actually got to call the shots and set the tone of the national events? The undeniable fact is that their country is in a state of chaos with they themselves not very sure about who has the reins of the nation in hand.

The sad and stark truth is that until such a time that political stabilty returns to Pakistan(if it does at all) and the tide of terrorism (religion dictated or otherwise) is reversed it will remain an unpredictable country, travel to which will remain a risk fraught activity. NOW CAN OUR ENGLISH MEDIA GET THIS SIMPLE FACT??