Australia(especially the southeastern state of Victoria) was ravaged recently by bushfires that resulted in the tragic loss of 201 lives.Many are still in hospitals with very serious burns.This is the worst incident in Australia’s history of bushfires.The dates 6th and 7th Feb 2009 will probably go down in the country’s history as the darkest.

But Aussies have this truly remarkable attitude to life that makes them get up and get back on their feet in the shortest possible time.Ask a Aussie who is visibly ill,
“How are you mate?”
99.9 % of the time what you will hear is not a litany of his/her troubles but this:
“No worries mate.”

I am posting this picture that a friend sent from Melbourne.It has been taken at a winery in the wine making region of Yarra Valley.It is a beautiful area( as is most of Australia) and the hot air balloon rides over the picturesque valley are very popular.Well ths picture was taken at a wedding that took place recently against the backdrop of the still burning fires.

Wedding at Yarra Valley

Wedding at Yarra Valley

This photo has not been taken by me.I just felt this was worth sharing with everyone because for me this truly captures the Aussie spirit.My thanks to the original photographer who captured this image.